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About Us

Taimaru Was founded in 1975 and incorporated as a private company, Taimaru Engineering Pte Ltd in 2003. From a humble 150-metre square workshop with 3-4 manual machines, Taimaru has, over the years, transformed into a modernised machine shop. Situated at 73 Joo Koon Circle & No 5 Joo Koon Road, here we house more than 50 manual & high-end CNC machines to help achieve our commitment for quality and total customer satisfaction. With hard work and continuous improvement, Taimaru Engineering Pte Ltd has established itself as a premier service provider of precision machining services to various industries.



A Trusted Partner (for all stakeholders)


Taimaru will strive to create a safe and conducive workplace adhering to all statutory and relevant regulations on occupational health and safety in our goal towards quality excellence and customer satisfaction.

Core Values

  • Safety at workplace

  • Continuous improvement and learning

  • Teamwork

  • Respect & Integrity

  • Speed & Precision


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